‘We believe when artists and architects embrace this ambiguity and work together, remarkable

things can happen’.

Meet the Maker
With a passion for painting and sculptures, Vijay Itadkar has skilled his craftsmanship for around 36 years from painting murals to sculpting idols. Along with his government job he had professionally sculpted and painted throughout his life. He loves experimenting and with Quad he wants people to have storytelling handmade products. Working with him acts as an eye-opener to us architects. Artist’s involvement can be too fundamental and essential and be a part of the design itself. His delicate touch and years of skill helps the team.
Architects and artists speak two different languages and think in different ways so what happens when they work together? Can an architect create a space that enhances and reveals the artwork designed within it? This collaboration of the two different minds; architect’s mind and artist’s mind, can result with a product neither one could have achieved alone.
Collaboration and experimentation are at the heart of The Act of Quad, and the studio is a testimony to what is possible when creative minds meet and play under one roof. Our work at the studio is based on the notion that the sharing of experiences is essential to the creative process, exercised through collaboration on many levels.
We aim to uplift local artisans and materials with our design journey. Good craftsmanship today continues to have a strong foundation in the craftsman’s years of experience and a deep understanding of a material’s properties, possibilities and limitations. It is about the specific cohesion that arises when a tool becomes a natural extension of the hand. We see the skilled craftsman as the link between designer, product and production process. We believe that insight into and experience with craft is vital for unprecedented outcomes. We experience the world through our senses, and in this dialogue, there is an exchange between our personal perception and a world of impressions and tactile experiences. 
We’re constantly trying to create something new and trying to make space for our design in this world.