Cards for Humanity, Colab Company  X  The Act of Quad

The Cards for Humanity was an ingenious endeavour born in Mumbai – India & was sculpted to life over a period of 3 months by Colab Company.
In each desk one can find 50 Pivotal Primary Cards with individual deeds & art work carefully curated by our talented collaborators from various field of design. Each piece of art resonates with a related & easily executable deed that adds value to the quality of the lives we lead.
Our card was inspired by our wall sculpture ‘Escape’
Ever Imagined getting stuck halfway to purgatory, with your legs still clinging on to mortal life? A wall sculpture designed to fill dread in ones soul and make them realise the importance of unfulfilled dreams.
Hence our deed says on the card “Keep in check with your dreams. Don’t loose sight of what matters to you the most.” This resonates with us on a personal level.

The proceeds from this initiative goes to the NGO – Saturday Art Class, a not-for-profit social organization operating in the education sector.