Our ‘Mesmeric room’ series concentrates on how can one pierce through the usual idea of aesthetics and discover new way of exploring possibilities of expression of art. This art aims to stimulate minds, stretch imagination, challenge the usual and take us on a path less traveled, beyond the imaginable.
What if? Here is the simplest way to transport yourself to a parallel universe: Just imagine all the ways in which our universe might have turned out differently. Imagine yourself in a room and everything you are seeing around you is quite weird from all the things you see around you usually. Imagine not being in the ordinary space and being surrounded by objects which are unlikely to be seen in this universe. Now the idea of a parallel universe is that they are slightly different versions of your own universe!
Things and people that surround us can be viewed from various angles and perspectives. “Reality is something that was created only in our head. “   We tried and discover the unseen dimension of our ordinary lives by blurring boundaries of concrete worlds, and looking at our surroundings differently. We used art as a medium to explore the possibilities in multiverse.