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Out of the Blue Mumbai

This home is situated a 21st century high rise building located in Thane city in India. It is a two and a half BHK apartment of 1090 square feet which houses a middle aged couple and their two daughters along with their adorable cat.

Our Inspiration is definitely to do within the limitations and the constraints of the apartment. By integrating the drawings and their needs for a unified home the design was developed. We extended the half bedroom into the dining area with the help of a faux curved wall which becomes a key feature of the home without changing the window placements by creating a more open space and cementing a connection with the panoramic city views.

We tried to soften the severity of minimalist architecture with smooth outlines and rounded shapes. Each and every space is designed after documenting and assessing everyday activities of client. All the household items of the client were listed to create a space to cache them.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ishita Sitwala     YEAR: 2021