The Act of Quad

The Act of Quad is a Mumbai based studio of design working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and concept styling.
Through a free–thinking and experimental process The Act of Quad aims to bring unexpected objects and environments into everyday lives, with an objective of making everyday a little less ordinary.
We believe that humans inherently find beauty in the ‘orderly disorder’ of nature, ergo our approach is intuitive, playful and collaborative that manifests itself between being peculiar and unconventional.
Started as a passion project of two best friends Priyanka Itadkar and Falguni Bhatia; with two sets of eyes and contrasting minds the duo is focused on creating strong imagery and conjectures great design is for everyone. 
As architects they are always searching for new mediums to give the world something new beyond its imagination. With a focus on detail and appreciation for scalable projects we are willing to embrace a smaller scale projects by creating them.
Our products are handcrafted or fabricated by our in-house artisans. We strive to deliver quality products and services.                                        
Priyanka Itadkar an Architect with a big passion for art, aesthetics, and meticulous designs. Shes always trying to maximize ideas and satiate her eye for design and creativity. A graduate from L.T.I.A.D.S. Mumbai, she also worked industrially at Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd and Studio Emergence for a few years. Her keen eye for design language and curation always keeps the team on their toes. Slightly obsessed with documentaries, psychological thrillers and ‘The Office’
Falguni Bhatia as an Architect believes in creating spaces which are minimal yet elegant. She is a graduate from L.T.I.A.D.S. Mumbai, and has worked at Ingrain, Kala Ghoda. Her passion for learning and attaining experiences has led her to pursue interests in allied fields such as set designing and photography. Good lighting and materials weirdly make her very happy. Always ready to travel and laughs at her own jokes!