The Mundane Muse

Top 50 finalist design of the house interior competition by Archdias



We pondered the modern sense of spirit of entertainment and art that can be enjoyed in this micro residence of a family of four where generational history and diverse culture coexist.This project proposes to explore little things families do in their ordinary lives. The call is to refocus our attention to how families decide what to watch on TV and how to share their living room space, how they decide meal times and what they eat, and how fathers attend children’s homework in the evening and how mother’s sing poems… 
This is mundanity of our family lives. The space aims to understand how domestic mundanity and mundane consumption that it involves leads to production of space. It explores how this leads to family bonding, happiness and well being of its members.

The spatial intention of placing the sitting are in centre was expect the family to appreciate the greenery, soak in warm sun bath, have a cup of tea and talk to each other in the late afternoons. Eating by using hands and sitting on the floor with crossed legs was the customary method in the familys past culture leading the user from the landscape of the kitchen, to the table, and finally the mouth. A domestic space designed revolving around the concept of openness in consideration of the free movement and user variables. The table, documents the progression of a meal from a perfectly laid table, through a motion-trace palimpsest of the dinner in action, to the wreckage of dirty dishes and crumbs of food. The multifunctional aspect of  house changes as per the needs of the users throughout the hours of the day.The micro footprint of the house is worked harder funtional to fit a regular Indian family.


Dada Boy