The Reading Light

The tiny library is an area free from heavy geometric structure where one can be at calm and connect with nature. 

The reading light is an approach that focuses on communal engagement and development of a scheduled caste tribe of Aaghai, India. These three tribal villages are deprived of government educational facilities hence the structure is proposed at the center of the villages.
This 60 Sq.m design is composed of simple elements starting with the platform that aims in converting the ‘mono- functional library’ to a ‘multi-functional community space’. The core of the structure consists of a tall backless book shelves that further extend to form the treads of the staircase. The structure is enclosed by an agricultural mesh at a distinct height from the ground which requires the user to stoop and enter the space creating an intimacy between the nature and the user. This unusual opening creates an inviting space for the cattle or animals of the tribe to rest in and around the structure. Passersby can stop, sit, read and engage with the community.  
The light foot print of the structure prevents from damaging the site conditions. Communal movie screenings illuminate the structure at night as it looks like a glowing lantern in the landscape not only promoting education but also stimulating people’s curiosity to visit it.

Local relationships between the space and the nature here is more important than the overall form. The structure beautifully frames  a dialogue between nature and learning.