Located in an early 20th century building in Mumbai, we developed a design for a part of this unit which is about 20 square meter.

Our clients were a mother and daughter along with their cute dog.

The original unit was too fragmented for its size and had almost no access to sunlight in the narrow living area.So we decided to break down the wall and unify the bedroom and living area. We designed a partition door that could determine the function of the apartment around the clock.


By placing the partition from floor to ceiling we used is as a mechanism or tool to abstract as much light as possible. As a homage to the existing house we used frosted glass which also provided privacy and softened the sunlight. 




We restored the original wardrobe to match our design.We wanted to achieve a tailored and young space. The materiality was kept to the minimum with the use of two colors. The raised platform across the window functions as a seating or a sleeping area with storage underneath 


Small living is a cultural reality and goes beyond space availability hence refreshing such spaces is the need of the hour so that people are comfortable living in compact cities.